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Joyang Laboratories. was established in March 2007. In August 2011, it became a holding subsidiary of East China Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (China’s Top Ten Listed Pharmaceutical and Medical Companies, Stock Code: 000963). It is a company integrating R&D, production and sales.
Joyanglab is located at No. 9, Haidu North Road, Sheyang Economic Development Zone, Jiangsu. The factory covers an area of 113,000 square meters and has a registered capital of 20,095 million yuan.
Established in March 2007
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Joyanglab has a production workshop that meets GMP requirements, and is mainly dedicated to the production and sales of five APIs: Fusidic acid, bacitracin zinc and other antibiotic APIs; mycophenolate mofetil, cyclosporine, tacrolimus Anti-tumor raw materials such as capecitabine and erlotinib hydrochloride; anti-diabetic raw materials such as pioglitazone hydrochloride; raw materials for liver disease treatment such as polyene phosphatidylcholine; Joyanglab will also Committed to the development and production of ointment preparations. By providing customers with high-quality products and services, the company's business has spread to the European Union, Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, Africa and other domestic and foreign markets.
   Joyanglab has always insisted that quality is the life of an enterprise, has established a standardized quality assurance system, has a rigorous, efficient and professional quality management team, and is equipped with an advanced product measurement and control system. The company has successively passed the GMP certification system for various products, the ISO9001 quality certification system, and the key products such as fusidic acid and Bacitracin zinc have passed site inspection from US FDA and EGMP from the European Union.
Joyanglab implements the "people-oriented" EHS management philosophy, puts EHS management work in the top priority position, establishes an independent EHS department and appoints an EHS director (Vice President level), and establishes an EHS under the responsibility of the company's top leader The management committee is responsible for coordinating the management of EHS. The EHS department has a complete management system, advanced hardware facilities, and a professional management team to effectively reduce environmental risks and achieve green operations.
   At present, the company takes "serving public health" as its corporate mission, and focuses on the development and production of high-quality and efficient products to serve the cause of human health. Committed to becoming a first-class pharmaceutical company in northern Jiangsu.
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